Wednesday, April 5


gluten free coconut drops.
toasted, buttery, sweet, 
crispy on the outsides,
dense and soft on the insides,
and covered in just a touch of dark chocolate.
take a look:
dirty snowballs for a snowy morning.
oh, yeah.
that's still a thing up here.
we've moved on to ice and rain,
but when the treats were baking,
it was all fluffy frozen hexagons everywhere.
these could've been a bit better.
i'm honest.
what they needed was more moisture.
i wish i knew what i put in them,
in approximate measurements,
but i started them, got distracted,
returned a little later,
and sort of just threw everything in the food processor.
but, like i said,
they could've been better, so let's skip the recipe- 
what do you say?
yeah. i figured.
i will say, though, 
that it was just unsweetened fancy coconut shreds and coconut flour.
agave, regular sugar, salt, vegan butter.....vanilla.
i dunno, guys.
it needed something, and i can't think of what it would be.
taste-wise, they're great.
but, a dry macaroonish is a poor example of skill and execution.
no excuses, i will succeed to a greater degree the next time i undertake 
a treat of this type.
until then, though,
i'm gonna crush these dry-A* drops until they're all gone,
and i'm definitely going to need a sip of something wet as i chew.
womp womp.
it's not all mastery, always.
the little stumbles provide big motivation.
that's real.
when things go effortlessly always,
there's a tendency for complacency disguised as overconfidence 
to creep in at the edges of participation.
and nothing gets rid of that like a hot dose of foible. 
the fires get fueled back up when something a simple as a slightly dry 
drop of coconut cookieshness hits my tongue.. 
no wonder i'm such a difficult man to span time with.
i can't even abide a minor baking stumble,
so, now just try to imagine what sort of critical analysis constantly 
goes into my day-to-day doings.
self-destruction and self-improvement are sometimes the same thing.
don't think so?
you've gotta destroy a run-down building to put up a better one.
you've got to bulldoze an area to put in a playground.
you're gonna need to cut away disease to promote healthy new growth.
that's no joke.
i tear down what i've done, in order to build up a better version.
and sure,
it's hard to be happy when you're never satisfied.
and it's hard to be satisfied when you know you could do better.
but, here's the thing:...good enough is not enough.
you're only tricking yourself if you think you're done.
there's always more to do;
never quiet, never soft.....

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